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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  February 8, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ the federal judge who stopped lethal injections at san quentin is wrapping up an inspection right now. terry mcsweeney joins us from san quentin in marin county with the story. terry? >> yeah, it would be a tour of the death chamber began about 10:00 this morning we are told and we expect it to be wrapping up shortly. the judge was taking a look at the death chamber saying that the changes he said needed to be made five years ago when he shut down executions has been made.
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take a look at the person at the center of attention, u.s. district judge jeremy fogel looking at the brand new $900,000 legal injection room it was likely to cause cruel and unusual pain. prison officials say everything's been fixed, ready to go. those opposed say it's the same problem with a new name. 720 inmates on death row. outside the prison this morning people have said about the state's plan to expand the death row facilities to the tune of $400 million over the next ten years, they want the money spent on programs for the disabled like san rafael's marin ventures. >> the governor is proposing to cut our budget $750 million. this is going to destroy services to persons with disability. back to the governor and back to
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our legislators, they say where do you want us to cut? we think we found that. >> the judge wants to rule on the combination used to execute inmates. at the plan on a three-drug series. some are using just one. there are problems with the three-step method and the battle continues. there's not going to be any decision today on either of these points. judge fogel in there now, san quentin, to see if the facilities have been improved to the point where an inmate could be executed there. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. san jose police now say an 18-year-old girl was dragged 2,000 feet by a hit and run driver and her boyfriend witnessed the entire horrifying incident. erica was crossing the street when she was hit by an s.u.v. or minivan. she remains in critical condition with a broken pelvis and other injuries and may never walk again. it happened when she was
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crossing the intersection of fontaine road around 2:30 sunday morning. erica's boyfriend said he saw a man in a gray s.u.v. or minivan hitter rick ca and then just keep going. luna's family has raised a $2,000 reward to help police find the driver. >> san jose firefighters believe a fire started inside the kitchen of an apartment in this complex near lee high school. the fire broke out 7:45 this morning. nobody was hurt. firefighters rescued one dog from the burning aapartment but they discovered another chihuahua mix had died in the fire. crews kept the flames contained to just one apartment in the four-unit building. the fire caused an estimated $75,000 in damage. >> the pitcher nearly killed by a baseball last year is back on the field playing the game he loves. the marin reports gunner sandberg returned for his first
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play yesterday. he's good enough that he could start at short stop or third base this season. that's tim throwing out the ceremonynal first pitch at the giants ballpark back in may. last march he was hit in the head fracturing his skull. the baseball teams all switched to playing with wooden bats. they create less velocity when they make contact with the ball. >> another delays in the agonizing choice which schools to close in the mount diablo school district. the school board meets tonight but instead of giving parents its final decision as expected, it may put surprising new options on the table. amy hollyfield. >> they may try to find a way around school closures however we can't get any answers. the superintendent is not returning our calls or coming out to meet with us. the lack of information and the possibility of delay is
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frustrating to some parents. (cheering) >> after weeks of meetings and rallies, parents and school employees are saying they're ready for a decision. >> it's kind of like waiting for like -- i guess we'll see whatever happens. >> but the superintendent of the mount diablo unified school district has thrown them a curveball. instead of voting tonight which schools to close, he now wants to see if there are any other options out there. even though this sounds like a possible reprieve, it is not what many parents wanted to hear. >> i sort of wish they'd done it a few months ago if there were other options. but, you know, i don't know. it's sort of confusing i think really to hear that. >> a school advisory committee decided the district needs to close three schools in order to save $1.5 million. enrollment has been on the decline the last few years and some schools are less than 80%
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full. but the superintendent says officials owe it to the kids to explore other options. parents and faculties say the energy they've put into fighting for their schools is tough to maintain and they're ready to move on. >> it's been a long haul, you know. i would just like to know so i can start making decisions about next year. >> hopefully they'll make decisions tonight so we know we can live with that. >> the meeting is scheduled for tonight. they're expecting so many people they're going to hold it at the mount diablo high school gym. there could be a vote what schools to close and there could be a discussion on what else can be done. live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> president obama is callings for a six-year $63 billion spending plan for high-speed rails. he's requesting $8 billion in spending for what he'll submit to congress. much could be directed to california's high-speed rail
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process. vice president biden tried to say it would create jobs and loosen the economy. >> raise productivity, promotes and creates jobs. not just the job it creates just for the structure, the job it creates for the consequence of productivity. >> if approved, the money would go toward developing or improving trains that travel 250 mph and connect existing rail lines to new projects. they say any new high-speed rail investments should concentrate on the east-west corridor instead of california. >> job openings fell for the second p straight month in december. the labor department says employers advertised nearly 3 million jobs. that's a drop of almost 140,000 from november and the lowest number of jobs since september.
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abc 7 is trying to help. less than an hour from now we're cosponsoring a free job fair. don sanchez is live in concord where that event is about to get underway. don? >> we are in concord and here's the problem. almost an 11% unemployment rate. the issue you probably know is there just aren't as many jobs being offered. the good news about this job fair is as they get it set up is there are maybe 250 jobs available. if you stop by between noon and 4:00 today, kathy from the job journal is here. how many jobs? >> over 200. >> what kinds of things are we looking for here? >> we have a good variety of positions. we have a lot of banking jobs. we have pay lot of information technology positions. we have public safety, both police officers and firefighters. we don't usually have firefighter positions so come on down. >> what should people do? what should they bring, a
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resume? i think you probably have resume experts. >> we have critique services for free. we have managerial positions called supervisor positions. >> the idea is really make a good impression and hopefully you can talk to the representatives of the companies that will be here. is that key? >> yes, that's true. we also have a lot of instructor positions where they're looking for people with masterer's degrees, teachers and instructors. >> the job fair is today from noon until 4:00. i had a little trouble finding this place because it's just off clayton road. you gotta go in the back. the address is 5298 clayton road here in concord. we'll be here noon to 4:00. come by. >> thanks very much. just moments ago social net working giant announced it is moving out of palo alto. the company says it will move its current palo alto headquarters to menlo park.
11:10 am will lease 1 million square feet of the property. it is making that move to consolidate all 3600 bay area employees on one campus. some speculate the company is moving to be closer to several venture capital firms headquartered in menlo park. >> the bay area lawmaker inviting you to a town hall meeting and all you have to do is pick up your smart phone. the story coming up. >> and the government just released results of a critical investigation of toyota's sudden acceleration problems. >> doctors give their first opinion whether wounded3q
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the google executive who played a role in starting the anti-government uprising in egypt is back on the street protesting today. he joined thousands of demonstrators in today's peaceful protest in the square. he was just released after spending 12 days in custody for helping to organize the movement. meanwhile egyptian president hosni mubarak is now promoting constitutional changes that would impose term limits and relaxed rules regarding who can run for president. protestors said the concessions are not enough and continue to demand that mubarak step down
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immediately. >> the lawmaker will become the first member of congress to host a town hall through a service called decibel vote. it allows people to participate in real time using only their smart phones and take part on it brings a whole new approach to the town hall meeting process. it starts tonight at 6:15. for more information on the vote and how you can download the app on your smart phone, go to and click on "see it on tv." >> the government just issued the results of its investigation into toyota's sudden acceleration problems that led to the recall of millions of vehicles. the transportation department says it could not find any electronic flaws to explain the reports of random acceleration. the ten-month investigation looked at whether electronics or electromagnetic interference played a role. it included inspections by nasa engineers. the only known causes for
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runaway toyotas were to mechanical cal problems that, been addressed. >> the arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords's rehappen bigtation says it's too early to tell whether she will attend her husband's space launch. he will command the shuttle "endeavour"'s find voyage. doctors have to decide on a variety of medical issues, including whether gabrielle giffords's can fly and how much noise she can tolerate. she was shot in the head a month ago. she is recovering at a rehabilitation center in houston. >> do not adjust your tv set, folks. it really is bouncing, that camera shot, mike. >> yes. show you a look from emeryville how choppy the bay is and ocean. that breeze will win today and cool other temperatures. we have sunshine and warmer
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weather until a chance of rainfall in the forecast this weekend. details on the way. >> plus eating eggs may be better for your health than originally thought. >> ever wonder what it would be like to be future princess kate middleton.
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♪ britain's kate middleton is the envy of millions of women all around the world, right? now you can step into her shoes for a few minutes anyway. american artist jennifer rebel created a life-size wax model of prince william complete with the sapphire engagement ring. it resembles the one she wore during the royal announcement but kate is not wearing the ring. the display allows people to interact with the wax model. royal brides are invited to slip on the ring and stand arm in arm with the princess. >> we're all kate middleton, all somebody who would be very excited to be proposed to by somebody who loves us, whether they're a prince or anyone else. >> the exhibit is on display right now at london's steven
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friedman gallery. the real prince william and kate middleton will wed in april. >> the future king. >> unless he comes out with an action doll. >> i bet they already have it. (laughter) collectible now. >> let's talk about some wind. really brutal out there. let's take a look at a couple of vantage points and show you the beautiful marin head lands. brought in a pretty clean, cooler air mass today. a little more perspective, this time south from south beach and you can see still pretty sunny out there but definitely some choppy water. right now the most dangerous winds are blowing in the napa valley. 29. you're doing a definite head wind if you're heading to the north. look at that gust of 40 mph. along 37, dangerous cross wind right now. gusts 21 in oakland. 32 hayward and livermore.
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35 to 40 around concord and fairfield and sfo usually one of the breezier spots north at about 20 right now. it is definitely blowing out there and will continue to do so through at least about 5:00, 6:00. notice the temperatures were the mid to upper 50s. considerably cooler than this time yesterday. we were in the mid to upper 50s the monterey bay and inland. i'd say probably 5 or 8 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. sunshine, breezy conditions and the cooler weather dominates our highlights. it will be clear and with the calm conditions it will be chilly not only tonight but the next couple nights. slight chance of rain still in the forecast for sunday. 24 hour temperature change, everybody pulling back. san francisco, san jose 6 degrees cooler. concord 9, oakland fremont and santa rosa about 10 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. sun will set 5:41. south bay low to mid-60s from 62
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milpitas with 65 los gatos. los altos at 63. mid to upper 50s along the coast. south san francisco mere 60. mid to upper 50s the north bay shore and in your valleys low to mid-60s. hercules and richmond the upper 50s. everybody else in the low to mid-60s. mainly low to mid-60s in the east bay valleys and mainly that around the monterey bay and inland. slightly cooler monterey and carmel upper 50s. watching the cold front back its way across california. the difference between this strong level and this strong high creating the pressure gradient. this high will eventually take over and calm these winds. until it does, it's going to be locally windy today with winds 45 to 50 mph. the most dangerous ones the central valley. that's why the wind advisory in effect until 7:00. once those winds collapse, mid to upper 30s inland. 38 palo alto.
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low to mid-40s the rest of the bay shore and coast. those chilly nights means we have to pay to keep the house a little warmer than the last couple days. but during the afternoon sunshine and low 60s around the coast. mid to upper 60s the bay and inland until that chance of rain sunday and it's a small chance. >> we'll keep watching it. thanks, mike. >> if you like eggs, there's good news. the department of agriculture says eggs actually have 14% less cholesterol and 64% more vitamin d than previously thought. regular large-shelled eggs were picked from a dozen locations across the country. over the years people have shied away from eating eggs because of concerns over cholesterol. researchers say the key is moderation. if they're eating one egg a day they fall within current cholesterol guidelines. good news on president obama's health. the first lady michelle obama says her husband has quit smoking and has not picked up a cigarette for nearly a year.
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she's proud of him. president has struggled with nicotine addiction. he knowledged in 2009 he still sneaks an occasional puff. >> up next an image of the sun like you'vevevevevevevevevevevee
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>> today at 3:00 on 7 live, catholic confession. plus a new old spice guide. then on abc 7 news at 5:00, just as effective treating one form of breast cancer with more intrusive surgery. why mark zuckerberg has been forced to get a restraining order against somebody. >> finally a new look at the sun
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in 3-d. the new image allows them to see the whole sun at the same time. they say it shows the sun's true form, a sphere of hot plasma and woven magnetic fields. >> the new images will make it possible to learn more about the sun's cycles, solar physics and space weather forecasting. >> it should help airlines, power companies and satellite operators deal with effects of solar issues. >> we will calm down tonight and through the rest of the forecast until that chance of rain on sunday. >> mike, thank you. >> thanks for joining us today on abc 7 news. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> all new. oprah: twin sisters come forward. raped by their own brothers and their own father. your mother walked in and saw your brothers raping you? and from behind bars, hear from
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